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So much has happened since I last found the time to write it here.

Sammy is in drug rehab. However, the place is very expensive, and doesn’t seem to be a good fit for him. Pray that God works in spite of this, and that we can find a better place, where he can find some healing, and be loved on well. 

We are trying to get Sam into school (which is of course a three-ring circus of government forms and government officials and government offices and conflicting instructions.) Pray that all of the necessary documents can be found, all of the necessary officials are kind enough to help us, and that a kind and loving family welcomes Sam into their home, so that he has somewhere to stay while he goes to school. 

We took Jimmy and Chwaki to a children’s center in a nearby town. These are boys we have known for a long time, and have been on the streets for a long, long time. We were really excited about getting them off the streets, and helping them find a new life. Unfortunately, after just two days at the center, they ran away, and we found them back at Riverside.

And the rest of the boys left at Riverside have turned (a bit) violent and most of them there don’t seem interested in getting off the streets at all these days, so we have put our weekly program on hold.

Things with Shauri Moyo Baptist Church are going better than we could have ever expected. A doctor who goes to the church has offered his home in the country to use for a center until we can raise funds to buy/build a permanent place. Now, the church is searching for resources to begin the center, and hoping they can begin early next year. Pray that God continues to provide, and praise God for all that he has already done in this church. 

Mwangi is getting baptized on Sunday!

In short, a lot is happening, and has happened. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and for life to feel like a never-ending succession of emergencies. I think we (Eunice and I) are feeling exhausted, and finding it difficult to find rest. So, keep praying for us, please. That said–I wouldn’t trade any of this. I am thankful to be here–thankful for the opportunity to love these children, and to be loved by these children. Thankful to be holding their hand when they need stitches, and thankful for the opportunity to tell them they are, indeed, loved by the One who will never leave or forsake them.

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November 26, 2011 at 2:30 pm

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