das wandern

let me continue in peace, and (stop) wander(ing)!

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the moon hung low is too beautiful for this.

i want to love you.
and the rest of you.

there is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear

but i refuse to love you.  i’m scared as hell.

scared. this is going to hurt.
i’m going to hurt.

i refuse to love you.
because i love something in me. so deeply.
so much more deeply than i love you.
i know what matters.
i am what matters.

what the hell?

i want to love you.
really love you.
beyond expectation. beyond invitation.

i’m throwing off this fear.
it’s weighing me down.
keeping me here. alone.

i want to be honest. and to be to brave.
for the sake of being real.
for the sake of loving you.

i want to love.
to learn to love–
not without fear–
but in spite of it.
in spite of myself.

let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves
is born of God and knows God. the one who does not love does not know
God, for God is love. by this the love of God was manifested in us,
that God has sent his only begotten son into the world so that we might
live through him.

beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

no one has seen God at any time; if we love one another, God abides in us, and his love is perfected in us.

i want to be real when i grow up.


Written by knsayres

August 16, 2005 at 3:59 am

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13 Responses

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  1. lucky guy


    August 16, 2005 at 1:08 pm

  2. assumtions killed the cat. my bad.
    real love is hard to do. it’s scary to be known.


    August 16, 2005 at 1:43 pm

  3. i was thinking maybe you could work on this a little. using the word “ya’ll” could really help you out.for example: “essentially, i’m more important than ya’ll” nice ring to it.


    August 16, 2005 at 1:47 pm

  4. “i want to be real when i grow up.”yes. thank you for saying it.


    August 16, 2005 at 9:16 pm

  5. I haven’t a clue who you are, but that’s really awesome. I’m going to save it, and I’m also going to join [i’m always barefoot,] because I am. Just ignore me, if you like.
    I want the music to go with this, I think.


    August 16, 2005 at 9:28 pm

  6. I miss you Kristen!


    August 16, 2005 at 11:38 pm

  7. Why on earth then do you allow tea-cake to be served up for your guests?  What ideas you have of hospitality!


    August 17, 2005 at 5:14 am

  8. That’s really beautiful, Kristen. So true… and so very honest. Ideas I’d been needing to put words to… so thank you.


    August 17, 2005 at 10:04 am

  9. Oh, and that’s a great pic, too. Love your work.


    August 17, 2005 at 10:06 am

  10. kristen, you’re a real girl! [pinnochio reference for those who didn’t catch it]


    August 17, 2005 at 11:09 am

  11. being real is a noble idea, but its so hard. you gotta know if its worth the effort.


    August 17, 2005 at 7:31 pm

  12. What is real? How do you define real? ….. For that matter, How do you define the word “Is”?
    Anywho, you know I love these words from your heart!
    Also, did you change the pic of your sister in the post below? I thought I remembered braces in the pic……….very sneaky!


    August 18, 2005 at 9:11 am

  13. i hope you’re right


    August 20, 2005 at 10:06 am

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