das wandern

let me continue in peace, and (stop) wander(ing)!

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today is what one of my high school teachers would refer to as heinz 57 day.
get it?  hilarious.
or something.

i’m getting stuff done:  i cleaned my room and
found something resembling motivation beneath the piles of dirty laundry.
so that’s good.  or gross.  or something.

i also dyed my hair earlier this week.
for the first time ever.

see?  it’s red.  kind of. 
i might like it.  i’m not sure.

in other news:

“hi, my name is kristen, and i can’t breathe through this nose.”
so the doctor put me on some serious steroids:
twice a day for my nose
twice a day for my eyes.
i’m also taking zyrtec d twice a day.

i feel drugged up.


Written by knsayres

April 21, 2005 at 4:19 pm

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4 Responses

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  1. kristen…is that you? 
    nice to meet you


    April 21, 2005 at 10:17 pm

  2. i’m glad you have entered the world of hair-dye. it’s awesome. you’ll become addicted for sure.


    April 21, 2005 at 10:22 pm

  3. YEAH! Mr. Campbell…you gotta catchup sometime right? And the hair…..yowza!  I now relinquish my rights as “The Big Mama” to you, Miss Kristen! I hope you feel better!


    April 21, 2005 at 10:41 pm

  4. looks good! Nic likes red hair…


    April 24, 2005 at 1:46 pm

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