das wandern

let me continue in peace, and (stop) wander(ing)!

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i’m also currently reading:
by mr. chesterson.
the count of monte cristo by mr. dumas.
unfettered hope by ms. dawn.
that hideous stength by mr. lewis.
the bondage and the liberation of the will by mr. calvin. 

life is good.

(i began to type out all the happenings
of my life over the past few days, but
then i decided against it.)

because isn’t it enough
to say

life is good. [?]

::because whenever i tell someone life is good,
it seems the person always needs to know
life is good.  but life is good simply because::

::and sometimes::
things don’t make sense outside of my head.

the best kind of meal is salad and milk. (but only if by
“salad and milk,” you mean “cheese fries and a milkshake.”) 

i’m ticklish.  (but not very often.)

you can avoid emotional breakdowns with a mintchocolatechip
milkshake and a hug.

::and i’ve decided::
i’m giddy (and giggly) tonight.

cold rain is the best way to wash your face.

i’m going to louisville for the weekend.

the incredibles is a great movie.

::and chesterson says::
“art is limitation; the essence of every picture is the frame…the artist
loves his limitations: they constitute the thing he is doing.”

::and just cause it makes me happy::


Written by knsayres

November 19, 2004 at 1:14 am

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6 Responses

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  1. that is a wonderful cd. i enjoy better than wine quite a bit


    November 19, 2004 at 2:30 am

  2. When was that taken? It’s TOO cute, lol


    November 19, 2004 at 5:48 am

  3. steak and shake’s cheese fries and ruby tuesday’s strawberry milkshake… mmmm!!great cd, awesome picture. [Where’d ya get it from? ;)] and DANG… who is that girl in the pigtails… gosh… she’s HOTT!


    November 19, 2004 at 9:32 am

  4. to the hottest of hands……have fun in the L’ville…. i can’t wait to hear that cd…oh and i had a egg nog milkshake last night from stake and shake… quite deliciouslife is beautiful and sometimes just being here for the ride makes it that much funner


    November 20, 2004 at 12:24 am

  5. I love how everyone in that picture is wearing t-shirt and jeans well except for Brad’s shorts; I don’t want to get a job!


    November 22, 2004 at 11:38 am

  6. your journal makes me happy… forgot to say that on the last one.


    November 23, 2004 at 3:18 pm

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