das wandern

let me continue in peace, and (stop) wander(ing)!

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the last week has been a blur.

but it’s over.

amen and amen.


i thought it was over.
now that i’m awake,
i realize i still have:

an 8 page advertising paper
a 15 page philosophy paper
a philosohy test
an advertising test
and all sorts of photo whatnot.


Written by knsayres

October 29, 2004 at 11:55 am

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5 Responses

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  1. i like you kristen nicole.  go to sleep.


    October 29, 2004 at 12:08 pm

  2. my puddin


    October 29, 2004 at 12:17 pm

  3. it’s like a neverending nightmare where you think it’s over and you’re awake, but then something else happens and you realize you’re still in the nightmare but you can’t do anything to wake up and get out of it. something like that…


    October 29, 2004 at 3:08 pm

  4. Are the lady taking pictures at the film festival?


    October 30, 2004 at 1:00 am

  5. Good job…you were very professional:)


    October 30, 2004 at 1:14 am

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