das wandern

let me continue in peace, and (stop) wander(ing)!

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i can’t sleep.

so instead of counting sheep, i’m going to update my xanga with a brief synopsis of my day.

but first, a picture of the love of my life.

that’s evan. i love evan.

[back to the synopsis]

i woke up at 11.
i was lazy for awhile.
i ate frosted mini-wheats for lunch. yum.
i mowed the yard (after an epic battle with the lawn mower.)
i showered. (and when i was done, my feet were still kind of green. next time maybe i’ll wear shoes, maybe not.)
i went and got a pedicure and manicure with eileen. (she’s like a drug pusher. she paid for the first one and now i think i’m addicted.)
we ate dinner at taco mac’s. (we didn’t eat tacos, but we did talk about life, God, and the mafia.)
we went to oldnavy.
we went to the mall.
we went to starbucks.
we came home.
i went to NAMB and worked out for an hour (to the sweet beats of u2).  (which is probably why i can’t sleep now.)
i finished reading perelandra.

i’m sure everyone needed to know all of that.

i think i’ll go count sheep now. or maybe read the the count of monte cristo.

and in the words of tiny tim:
“God bless us, every one.”
(only He already has.)


Written by knsayres

July 11, 2004 at 1:53 am

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